Do you want to surprise your partner on his or her birthday with a celebration that has a Mexican theme? There are a few things that can be done to accomplish your goal, such as enjoying a portion of the celebration with loved ones, and ending the night with just the two of you. If you have been with your partner for a long time and have not proposed marriage, consider doing so during the celebration. Set a budget for what you want to spend on the special day, and then write down a list of plans to start getting things organized. Browse this article for ideas that can be incorporated into a birthday celebration that has a Mexican theme.

Get a Customized Pinata Designed with a Ring Inside

To begin celebrating your partners birthday, you can invite a group of loved ones to your house to witness the marriage proposal. Have a small party early in the day that doesn't last long, as it will give you time to do other things. Get a pinata designed and place an engagement ring inside of it. You can place other nice pieces of jewelry in the pinata as well, such as something that can be worn by your partner later in the day as you present other surprises. Ask a few of the people at the party to keep an eye on what comes out of the pinata as your partner hits it, as it will ensure that the ring does not get lost.

Buy Your Partner an Outfit to Go Out Dancing

After celebrating with loved ones and proposing marriage to your partner, plan to take him or her out to a Latin dance club. However, ensure that your partner has something nice to wear before going to the club. Opt for an outfit that will be easy for your partner to move around in on the dance floor. You can either purchase the outfit in advance and have it waiting as a surprise, or can take your partner shopping to pick something out. Ensure that the outfit is also appropriate for the atmosphere of anywhere that you intend to go after leaving the dance club.

End the Night at a Mexican Restaurant

Ending the night with a good meal is a great way to satisfy your partner. Stay with the Mexican theme of the day by choosing the right restaurant to dine at, such as one that has some of the traditional and authentic Mexican foods on the menu. You might even be able to find a restaurant that has live music playing with a Latin theme. The great thing about Mexican restaurants, like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering, is that starters such as chips and salsa are usually served as the main dishes are being cooked. If you don't want to purchase a pinata, proposing at the restaurant is another great option to consider.