If you plan to open a fish restaurant — perhaps because you're located in an oceanside town that has a busy fishing industry that will allow you to get fresh fish daily — you'll need a number of pieces of equipment for your kitchen. Regardless of what size you want the restaurant to be, the right equipment will help you to produce high-quality fare that your patrons will enjoy. A restaurant equipment supplier will have a selection of products that you can evaluate and buy for your eatery. While there are many useful pieces of equipment for a fish restaurant, here are three things that will be essential.

Deep Fryer

There are several different ways that you can prepare the fish that you'll be serving your patrons, including frying it. Breaded and fried fish is immensely popular, so you'll definitely need to have a deep fryer in the kitchen of your fish restaurant. Commercial deep fryers are available in several sizes, so it's important to consider what size your establishment will be. The more patrons you'll have at any given time, the larger the deep fryer you'll want. It will not only allow you to fry your fish, but it will also be essential for fries, onion rings, and other fares that you may offer on the side of your fish dishes.

Charcoal Grill

While you can expect that a lot of your patrons will order fried fish, you want to have other options on the menu. Grilled fish will likely be popular among patrons who are looking for a meal that is on the lighter side. A charcoal grill will be a valuable piece of restaurant equipment to have in your kitchen. It will help you to give your fish a slightly charred exterior, which can boost its flavor profile and also help to give it an appealing look. You can also use this device for grilling various vegetable sides.

Glass Showcase

While the above two pieces of equipment will be inside of your restaurant kitchen, there's a device that you will want for the outside. A glass showcase is a useful piece of equipment for displaying the fresh fish that you have available for your patrons. Many fish restaurants display their fish as a way of showing people how fresh and appetizing it looks. This transparency is something that your patrons will appreciate. Depending on the layout of your establishment, you may want to situate the showcase somewhere between the dining space and kitchen.

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