Did you grow up having so many cookies at Christmas time that it was hard to choose which ones you wanted for dessert? Perhaps you want your own family to have that same experience, but you feel a bit overwhelmed when you think of making all the cookies yourself. If that's the case, maybe you would like to host a cookie exchange party. From making your own invitations to sending your guests home with your own sugar cookie recipe, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable cookie exchange party.

Make Your Own Invitations

Of course, you can buy Christmas party invitations at the store, but it might be fun to make them yourself. The ones you design will help to set the mood for your cookie exchange party.

  • Think of using construction paper to create a gingerbread man invitation.
  • Another idea is to make a copy of your own fingerprint that dons a baker's cap and a smiley face.
  • Use an advertisement that shows women baking together from a copy of an old magazine.
  • You could even include a copy of your own sugar cookie recipe as part of the design of the invitation.

A Time Of Sharing

Don't assume that everybody has been to a cookie exchange. When you design your invitations, be sure to tell your guests what the party is all about. Ask them to bring enough cookies to share both at the party and for guests to take home. Be sure to include how many guests will be at your party.

  • Think of giving prizes for different categories.
  • For example, there could be a prize for the most original prize.
  • Another prize could go to the most beautiful cookie.
  • Have a secret poll that will determine the cookie that tastes the best.

Prizes could include things like cute measuring spoons, aprons and fancy bottles of vanilla. Don't forget to have plenty of Christmas-themed take home boxes that will fit plenty of cookies. A great party favor would be for you to give each guest a portion of your own sugar cookie dough for them to make at home. Place the unbaked dough in a plastic bag, add the printed sugar cookie recipe and a Christmas cookie cutter, and tie the bag with a festive Christmas ribbon.  When your guests make the cookies at home, they will more than likely remember the great cookie exchange party you hosted. 

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