As sweet wines with origins in Bordeaux, France, Sauternes are a great choice for any wine tasting party. Their distinctive, rich flavors will delight party guests. The New York Times reported that Sauternes are often sublime, and they offer something special to the gathering. Follow these tips when having a Sauterne wine tasting party.

Tip #1: Send Out Online Invitations

Wine tasting parties are fun, low-key gatherings. They'll require a lot less work than a dinner party, and they are typically less formal. That can take the pressure off guests, too. Match the carefree vibe by sending out fun online invitations that have wine-tasting imagery or photos of Sauterne wines.

One of the luxuries of sending online invitations is that there are far fewer limitations on web invites. You can include as much information as you need. Let guests know if they should bring anything and whether they're allowed to bring one or more guests. Also, be clear about whether guests should dress up for the gathering.

Tip #2: Choose a French Theme for the Evening

To add more pizazz to the wine-tasting party, feature a fun theme throughout the evening. Since Sauternes are from France, you may opt for a French theme. Include a word or two of French in the invitations. It can be something as simple as "Bon Jour" (hello) or "Merci" (thank you).

In keeping with the French theme, use Parisian décor throughout the party area. You may display a paper Eiffel tower as a centerpiece on a table or counter. Think of fun party gifts for guests, such as berets. Gifts should ideally be something they can take home and enjoy.

Tip #3: Offer Perfectly Paired Foods for the Party

Choose easy-to-make foods that pair well with Sauterne wine for your party. With layers of fruit and honey, this delightfully complex wine is ideal for pairing with desserts. Make a walnut-based dessert to serve. Apple salad, pecan tarts, and cupcakes are fun for guests to eat and easy to serve. Also, consider serving easy French foods like crepes and fondue to stay with your French theme.

Finally, Sauternes go well with any celebratory event. When you take the time to plan your wine tasting party with your chosen Sauterne wines in mind, you are more empowered to pull off an awesome gathering. When you also keep each friend's needs and preferences in mind, you can best set the scene for everyone to have a great time at the wine tasting party.