If you are a bit of a coffee snob and are struggling to get the best cup of joe out of your office's Keurig K-Cup coffee maker, then these tips will help you:

Tip: Reduce the Coffee's Acidity with a Dash of Salt

If you find your office's k-cup coffee to be a bit too acidic or bitter to your liking, then you can put a dash of salt into it. The salt creates a chemical reaction that lowers the acidity of the coffee and removes the bitter flavor notes.

Tip: Use Two K-Cups for a Bolder Blend

If you like your morning cup of joe strong enough to stand a spoon up in it, then you may find that the coffee brewed by a Keurig K-Cup machine is too mild. You can brew a bolder blend by using two cups. To do this, you need to brew one cup on the four-ounce setting, and then brew a second one. Since the first coffee brewed from its contact with hot water will be the strongest, making two half cups of coffee will leave you with a much stronger cup.

Tip: Consider Using a Reusable K-Cup and Your Own Coffee

In addition to buying Keurig k-cups, you can also purchase a refillable k-cup that you can use. The refillable k-cup can be filled with your own coffee grounds, so you can choose the type of coffee you brew and control its strength. However, it is important to note that the new Keurig 2.0 machine requires a special hack to be able to use a recyclable cup. You can find instructions online that will tell you how you can do so. 

Tip: Clean the Keurig Machine Regularly with a Mild Acid to Remove Mineral Scale

You will always get the best cup of coffee from a Keurig machine that is clean and free from mineral scale. The easiest way to clean your machine is to run some white vinegar through it on a regular basis. The vinegar is a mild acid and will remove mineral scale.

Tip: Avoid Adding to the Landfill by Recycling Your Spent K-Cups

Finally, if you are concerned about the amount of trash that your office's Keurig coffee maker generates, then you will be pleased to learn that Keurig offers a recycling program for spent k-cups. You can find all of the pertinent information located on this page of their website.