When it comes to indulging in specialty hot sauces, every spice connoisseur knows that each sauce has unique qualities when it comes to flavor and use. If you are a novice on the subject of hot sauces, it is important to learn there is more to this condiment than just splashing a few drops on top of a completed meal to add a touch of heat. Use these ideas to help you make the most of specialty hot sauces in your cooking so you appreciate how versatile these sauces are.

1. Vinegar-Based Hot Sauce

Reading the ingredients which make up a hot sauce helps you determine what you can use the sauce for. For example, vinegar-based hot sauces are spicy as well as acidic. This acidity makes them the perfect ingredient to add to meat marinades. Acidity in a meat marinade breaks down any toughness in the meat and tenderizes muscle and fat. This means the meat is tender, spicy, and has a nice tang to it.

2. Water-Based Hot Sauce

Water-based hot sauce is all about the spice from the chili, so the type of chili used in these hot sauces gives you an idea of what dishes you can use them in. A water-based hot sauce has less tang and minimal acidity, so they are good to use in dishes where there is already an acidic component in the ingredients. For example, use a water-based hot sauce on tacos as there is existing acidity from the lime juice. Scrambled eggs also work well with a water-based hot sauce incorporated in the scrambling process as you don't want an acidic sauce interfering with the mellowness of the eggs and butter.

3. Make-You-Cry Hot Sauce

There is a large variety of specialty hot sauces with warning labels advising the eater is likely to shed tears while consuming the product. These hot sauces are best used on top of your meal rather than incorporated into it. This is because not every person at your dinner table appreciates a super hot sauce, so by making the sauce available as a topper only, then each person can apply (or ignore) to suit their taste.

Now you know a little more about specialty hot sauces, take the time to experiment with specialty hot sauces while cooking a variety of dishes. This condiment adds a great depth of flavor so embrace it rather than fear it when you're in the kitchen.